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Fireworks Magazine – Album Review

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Fireworks Magazine DEc 2019 - Album review

“Creatures” New Video

All hail the CREATURES of the universe!

 As premiered on Classic Rock Magazine, here is the brand new video for “Creatures”.

Elliott tells Classic Rock: “When I wrote the music for this I just had this weird feeling I was writing something very different to anything I’d written before.   “For a start, it was written on the piano but it was jaunty, vaudeville – almost a summary of the stuff that really intrigued me in my youth when artists like David Bowie, Roxy Music, Cockney Rebel and Queen embraced a very European style of writing.    “I knew the lyrics had to follow suit so it’s a stream of conscious type thing, very cinematic, dreamy… don’t ask me what it’s all about!”

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Created by Frank Gryner

Joe Interview w/ Dennis Miller Show

New interview w/ Joe and Dennis Miller chatting Down ‘N’ Outz, Def Leppard and music history…  Listen now HERE

Classic Rock Magazine – Album review

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Radio Interview w/ Joe & 95 KGGO

New interview w/ Joe talking DnO new album, Def Leppard Rock & Roll Hall of Fame amongst other items.  LISTEN HERE

Joe Interview w/ My Global Mind

“I’m More Of A Portrayer Of A Lyric Than A Singer In The Sense Of Lou Gramm Or Paul Rodgers” -  Joe Elliott On The New Down ‘N Outz Release + recording, touring and what it means to be part of Down ‘n Outz?  READ HERE